The VBN Team

About the VBN Research Portal and the VBN Team

VBN is Aalborg University’s research portal. The research portal is publicly available and is intended to highlight research conducted at Aalborg University, as well as to support contact and cooperation with university researchers and research environments. VBN is based on PURE - the research management system used by Aalborg University. The VBN Research Portal and Pure have been closely connected since 2003. Read the full story behind VBN and Pure.

The VBN Team works to meet the requirements of the university management in terms of support, daily operations and development of research registration, research analysis, and research dissemination at Aalborg University. Our team is specialized in providing research support such as information to the university’s management, quality assurance of research registration data, bibliometric reports, courses for researchers and administrative staff etc. In addition, the team has the overall responsibility for the annual research validation at AAU. If you look at our VBN Profile, you will find more information about the team’s development projects, activities, and publications.

Staff at Aalborg University are personal users of the VBN Research Portal and may contact department reporting officers for local support. If you have any questions or is in need of assistance, please contact the VBN Team at We are available during regular office hours.

This website and related subpages are regularly managed and updated by the VBN Team at Aalborg University Library.

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