The VBN Team

Book the VBN team

Departments and research groups are welcome to contact the VBN Team for courses tailored according to specific needs that may arise in the organization or research unit. We can make arrangements to show up for presentations at e.g. lunch breaks or workshops.

Such arrangements may contain a presentation of BFI and other bibliometric issues, ORCID, the CV module, import of publications in Pure, and much more. In addition, we would like to introduce new functionalities in Pure/VBN. One-to-one instructions are also an option.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to arrange a course or workshop for your department/research group, please contact the team at

Inspiration for presentations/meetings/workshop/courses

  • Activities in Pure
  • Boost your researcher profile
  • Boost your research group profile
  • Boost your VBN profile (workshop)
  • CV
  • Dashboard in Pure
  • Impact
  • Open Access/Copyright
  • Research projects in Pure/VBN
  • Publish your own Open Access journal
  • Publication strategy
  • Registration in Pure
  • The Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI)