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Article-based thesis

There may be different requirements for submission depending on which faculty you belong to. Rules and guidelines regarding all details are fully explained on the PhD School homepages. It is required that you check these pages for additional information in advance, as requirements are not the same for everyone!

The following contains information regarding standard procedures for submission of article-based PhD theses at Aalborg University.

Please notice: All exceptions to the procedure must be agreed upon in writing with the head of your doctoral school via the PhD offices!


Your PhD thesis is officially handed in when it is uploaded in Pure. Before you submit your article-based thesis, it is your responsibility to:

  1. Format your thesis in compliance with the formatting guide. This includes formatting of published articles as well. Templates are available, but not mandatory!
  2. Include both Danish and English abstracts in your thesis.
  3. Verify that you have received a letter with the names of the assessment committee participants.
  4. Verify that your supervisor has submitted an approved supervisor statement to your PhD School.
  5. (applies to Humanities/Social Sciences) That you have filled in and submitted a declaration that the thesis and its contents have not previously been submitted for assessment.
  6. Clarify copyright issues regarding your articles before submission, if you want these to be included in the electronic version of your thesis.
  7. If your thesis consists of articles, in which co-authors appears, you must forward approved, signed co-author declarations to your doctoral school for assessment before you submit your thesis.
  8. If your thesis contains accepted but unpublished articles, and you want these to be included in the electronic version of your thesis, you must ask the publisher’s permission for parallel publishing of your thesis.
  9. Decide whether any appendices should be jointly or separately uploaded in Pure, before you submit your thesis. 
  10. Assess whether you want to attach appendices on CD-ROM or USB memory stick if your appendices are particularly data-intensive and thus take up a lot of space. Aalborg University Press can assist you with data storage on CD-ROM.
  11. Make arrangements with your department before submission regarding the number of printed copies.

Once any arrangements regarding parallel publishing are in place, along with other formal requirements, you are ready to submit your thesis in Pure.



Registration in Pure marks the formal submission of your thesis, and initiates a process of printing, filing in the university’s repository, and e-publication of your thesis.

In connection with submission of your article-based PhD thesis, you must:

  1. Submit your PhD thesis in Pure using the following link: Fields with * [asterisk] are mandatory fields and must be filled in.
  2. Please notice that the system is intended only for upload in PDF-format.
  3. In Pure, select whether all parts of your PhD thesis must be published electronically. If your thesis contains articles that cannot be published parallel to the original version due to copyright, you must select “Redacted version can be published”. This will enable upload of yet another document without articles. This version will be prepared for e-publication. The full version of the thesis, including all articles in full text, will be sent to the assessment committee only.
  4. If you want a back cover blurb on your thesis, you must register it in Pure (1200 keystrokes - including spaces).

Once you have filled in the PhD submission form in Pure, and clicked “Save”, your PhD thesis is officially handed in to Aalborg University. It is only possible to submit your PhD thesis once.

Afterwards, you can view your PhD submission in Pure, but you cannot edit or add information. If you discover errors, you must contact the VBN Team as quickly as possible. If there is a need for major changes, a new PhD submission process will be initiated.

PLEASE NOTICE! Your thesis can be rejected during the submission and filing process. The Faculty Office registers whether the thesis is nominated or rejected for defence. Should the thesis be rejected during the assessment process, a new PhD submission process will be initiated.



Once you have submitted your thesis, you must send an e-mail to Aalborg University Press ( stating the desired number of printed copies of the thesis (in agreement with your department) along with your choice of cover. Unless otherwise stated, the thesis will be printed with a standard front page without photo.

Your thesis will automatically be checked for plagiarism in accordance with existing procedures.

Once the PhD thesis is submitted, it will be available to relevant administrative staff only.

The Doctoral Schools are responsible for:

  • Filling in administrative data along with information relating to the defence.
  • Registering whether the thesis is nominated or rejected for defence.
  • Entering the date of the defence in PhD Manager.

Aalborg University Press is responsible for:

  • Colophon with publishing information including ISBN and ISSN no. The Publisher is only permitted to add cover and colophon. If the file does not comply with the minimum requirements for formatting, and cannot be printed, the publisher will contact the author directly to correct any errors and shortcomings.
  • Printing the PhD thesis for the assessment committee within seven working days.
  • Sending the agreed number of printed copies for assessment directly to the the Faculty Office (regardless of the original number of ordered printed copies). Should everything be ordered in connection with the first printing, the Faculty Office will forward the extra copies to the department.
  • Sending a correct invoice for printed copies directly to your department.


After the Academic Council has awarded you your title at one of their quarterly meetings, your thesis will be published electronically and appear on you and your department’s profiles in the VBN Research Portal.