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Submission of PhD theses containing graphics and audio files


If your pictures go all the way to the edge of the page format, it is important that you allow for a trim off area or bleed. I.e. the picture must exceed the format and you must add crop marks on the pdf.

If you want to avoid the pixelated digital (grainy) images, figures, etc., make sure that they have a high resolution (at least 300 ppi/dpi).

To avoid pixelation of images and graphics in the printed version, you can zoom in to 200% without deteriorating the quality on the screen in your Word document. If you want high quality, there must be no graininess at 400%.

When you want to use pictures or graphics, you should always check:

  • Who owns the rights to the picture? (It can be more or less clearly stated)
  • Has the owner stated anything regarding use of the picture?
  • Is the picture marked with a creative commons license?

If there are no answers to the above, you should act as follows:

  • If you cannot identify the source of the picture, you should use another one.
  • If the picture is not marked with a creative commons license, or it is otherwise stated what you can do with the picture, you can contact the copyright owner and ask permission to use it - confirmed permission via e-mail is sufficient.


At Aalborg University, you ARE PERMITTED use your own audio file/music.

At Aalborg University, you are NOT PERMITTED to use recorded sound/music without permission from the artist.

If you want to include audio sequences in your thesis, you must make sure that you have the necessary permissions, and consider how you want to convey the audio sequences.

Read more about copyright here:

If you wish to enclose a CD-ROM or a USB Memory Stick, you must contact the doctoral school.

Upon submission to Pure/VBN, please notice that the system handles PDF format only!