The VBN Team

Minimum requirements regarding format


Feel free to use the templates below - they are not mandatory. If your thesis complies with the below minimum requirements, it is ready for printing in the AAU design.


Minimum requirements


  • Page format: 170 mm x 240 mm. (This applies to all pages including articles that are to be printed along with the thesis itself)
  • Margins (top, bottom, right, left): 25 mm.
  • Page number and header: Placed centrally top and bottom.
  • Font type: Use only Windows/MAC standard fonts (e.g. Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, Minion Pro, Baskerville, Garamond etc.).
  • All pages in the PDF must be placed vertically (portrait)


Recommended Font Size

The fonts are written as font size / spacing, e.g. body text is font size 10pt and line spacing set to 12pt.

  • Body text: 10pt / 12pt line spacing
  • Quotations: Italics



Please notice that new chapters must start on a right-hand page. This can be secured in Word by using the "Breaks" functionality and choosing "Odd page".