The VBN Team

Research communication

The VBN Research Portal at Aalborg University supports communication of research from Aalborg University, as well as the promotion of the university’s researchers. Within the framework of the VBN Research Portal, the term research communication is used to cover a number of areas that are directly related to the display and accessibility of research.

In connection with the activities carried out by the VBN Team, the categories Researcher Profiling, Open Science, Impact and Media Coverage constitute the framework for overlapping fields that are specifically relatable to content registered in Pure. Within these categories, the Team works with the visibility of research, as well as the subsequent results - e.g. research analysis reports etc. to the university’s management.

In connection with research communication, the VBN Team offers a number of courses that you can attend.

Pure has an API / Web service that can be used to extract Pure data if you want to use Pure data for e.g. a homepage, an app, a research project or other.