The VBN Team

Media coverage

Press clippings are brief summaries from selected media (newspapers, radio, internet and TV) regarding researchers, research, and research environments at Aalborg University. The criterion for selection is that Aalborg University is mentioned in the article, broadcast, or announcement.

Press clipping logo PureThe press clippings are registered automatically or manually in Pure, and subsequently displayed in VBN. Automatic registration of press clippings is handled and delivered by the media agency Infomedia. In the media list, you can view which media are automatically covered in Pure/VBN by media agencies.

If you discover press clippings that have not been registered, but should have been according to the media list, please feel free to contact the VBN Team. Please note that our agreement with Infomedia only covers "cited research". This means, that feature articles, comment/debate articles etc. written by AAU-researchers aren't registered automatically. Unregistered press clippings from media other than those on the media list, can be recorded in Pure by your local reporting officer.


From media to VBN

  • The media agency Infomedia monitors a vast number of newspapers, journals, television channels and web pages. A brief summery (press clipping) is written whenever Aalborg University, a research team, or a researcher from AAU is mentioned.
  • The VBN Team receives the press clippings as XML and loads them into Pure.
  • The VBN Team inspects the press clippings and affiliates them with the relevant persons and research environments. As such, the individual researcher or the individual research environment can view their press clippings in VBN.

As a researcher, your are responsible for further affiliation of press clippings to your content in Pure (e.g. projects or publications), after which it will be displayed on the affiliated pages in the VBN Research Portal.