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Researcher profiles

The personal researcher profile

Research visibility and strategic researcher profiling plays an ever increasing part in the dissemination of research. Academic staff at Aalborg University have access to the VBN Research Portal, and can use it as a platform for disseminating their research. You can use the portal to create a representative profile that reflects the current stage of your career. You can use the profile to strengthen the visibility and communication of your research according to your needs.

The VBN researcher profiles are made up of personal data extracted from the University’s HR system and data that is continuously recorded in the University’s research management system Pure (publications, projects, activities etc.). In addition, researchers can add profile information according to need and in accordance with department requirements.

The AAU Handbook contains Good Advice on how to create your researcher profile.

The VBN Team offers courses and workshops on setting up VBN researcher profiles and researcher profiling in general.

See also AAURA - The AAU Research Academy for more information on courses in professional communication.

Organisation profiles

It is also possible to set up profiles for individual organisational units in VBN - e.g. at faculty-, department- or research group level. The profile can strengthen the visibility of the organisation in question, and contribute to the dissemination of its research. It is up to the individual department to establish guidelines for use and maintenance of organisation profiles in VBN.

It is possible to upload an image and a video to organisational profiles. Read more about how to register images and videos in Pure and the VBN Portal: Organisations and Units. 

The VBN Team is ready to assist departments with information and workshops regarding organisation profiles in VBN. Write to

If you have other questions regarding how to make the most of the VBN Research Portal, please do not hesitate to contact us.