The VBN Team


As Pure users, researchers at Aalborg University can present and communicate research activities via the VBN Research Portal. The University Management recommends that all departments use the model for registration of research activities in Pure, when academic staff register their research activities.

Registration of research activities supports the display of Impact: i.e. how the knowledge derived from the research at AAU is brought into play through research related activities. This may be editorial work, oral presentations, conference participation, professional memberships, academic visits, cooperation with other institutions, companies etc.

Activities logo Pure

The research activities are registered in Pure in line with other content types. As with other content types, it is possible to relate any activities to other registrations (publications, projects, press clippings etc.). In addition, they will be available in Pure’s CV-module.

In connection with registration of activities, it is important to add correct end dates, if possible, in order to avoid that old activities are displayed as ongoing in VBN (e.g. conference participation, international guest scholarships etc.).


Logos under Research Registration are used with permission from Elsevier.