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It is possible to disseminate datasets via the VBN Research Portal. Like other types of research registrations, datasets are recorded in the individual researcher’s profile, as well as in the affiliated research group. Datasets are registered in Pure with metadata. At minimum, there must be:

  •     A title
  •     A description (free text)
  •     A reference to where the dataset is published (publisher, repository)
  •     Date of availability

Furthermore, it is possible to register a time frame for a dataset, a DOI, a link etc. Access to a dataset can be marked as open, closed or embargoed, just as it is the case with other publication entries.

In connection with dissemination of datasets via the VBN Research Portal, it is important that mutual relations are marked correctly when the metadata is registered in Pure. That is, whenever a dataset is related to a project, a publication, an activity, or other registered items in Pure, it must be marked under the heading “Relations to other content”. Multiple relations can be marked simultaneously. In this way, you achieve a correct presentation of correlations between research registration entries. These will be displayed as “Related content” to the content types on the respective pages in VBN.

See information on Open Data for more information regarding advice and rules for use of datasets under Open Science.


Inquiries regarding registration of published datasets can be addressed to the VBN Team.

Other inquiries regarding how to handle datasets etc. should be addressed to our colleagues in CLAAUDIA - Research Data Services.

Logos under Research Registration are used with permission from Elsevier.