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Impact is a recurrent theme in research. When we talk about impact, we talk about both academic impact (measured through quantitative metrics such as citations) and social impact. Registration of impact in Pure concerns the qualitative and quantitative recording of an impact on society.


Impact in Pure

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In Pure, impact consists of a piece of qualifying free text that constitutes the qualitative element of the record. In addition, impact consists of evidence such as activities, publications, press clippings etc., which makes up the quantitative element. Together, these data and pieces of information are displayed on the impact pages in the VBN Research Portal.

The registration of social impact in Pure may entail a description of an intended (future) impact, e.g. connected with strategies for the social relevance of a project.


Impact at AAU

There are no overall requirements at Aalborg University as to how registration of impact (economical, social, cultural, political, or other) should be carried out. This is due to the fact that impact to a great extent is characterized by disciplines and research areas that vary greatly, and are met by just as varying social contexts.

In order to strengthen the quality of the registration and the subsequent display of impact, the individual departments would have to decide how impact should be defined and which quality criteria the registration should fulfil. This would make it possible to extract qualitative impact reports from Pure to research groups etc.


Impact research at Aalborg University

Research that maps the value and effect of research and education in society is currently being conducted at AAU:

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