The VBN Team


As Pure users, researchers at Aalborg University can present and communicate patents via the VBN Research Portal. Patents are recorded as research publications and are also included in The Bibliometric Research Indicator. As the patenting process can take up to several years, the patent is registered while it is still a patent application.

Patents in Pure

Patents are recorded in Pure when:

Patents with more than one patent number (patent family) are recorded in Pure:

  •     The patent family is registered in one record.
  •     The patent numbers of the patent family are registered in the bibliographic note.

Patents and BFI

Patents trigger BFI points when:

  •     It is a basic patent - i.e. the unique invention.
  •     The first time the patent is registered in a database.

The patent does NOT trigger BFI points when:

  •     The same patent is registered again and again in different databases.


Logos under Research Registration are used with permission from Elsevier.