The VBN Team


As Pure users, researchers at Aalborg University can present and communicate prizes, grants, appointments via the VBN Research Portal.

The scope for registration of prizes and awards is quite broad and covers a long list of distinctions (funded as well as non-funded). It can be both national and international prizes, such as the award or nomination for “Teacher of the Year”, a “Best Paper Award”, a PhD award, as well as acceptance of a travelling scholarship, honorary memberships etc.

Prizes logo Pure

Upon registration under “Prizes” it is important to add a description (free text). Without the description, the content is not included in the automatic generation of the VBN Research Portal Fingerprints (that indexes titles and descriptions). The Fingerprint improves content searchability and highlights aspects of the affiliated researcher profiles that are not otherwise distinguishable from the research output. Furthermore, the portal’s search function goes through the free text, which generally helps promote the visibility of the researchers. Prizes are also included in Pure’s CV-module.

The award, scholarship, or appointment is displayed in VBN. If the Prize entry is related to e.g. projects, publications etc, the information will be displayed alongside this content. Likewise, the award, scholarship, or appointment will be displayed on pages with related content.


Logos under Research Registration are used with permission from Elsevier.