The VBN Team


Researchers at Aalborg University are under obligation to register their research publications. Registration takes place in Pure, and the publications are subsequently displayed in the VBN Research Portal. Pure serves as the university’s full text repository. Therefore, full text files should be attached to the publications to the extent that it is possible. This makes research from Aalborg University visible and accessible, and is in keeping with the demands from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science regarding Open Access to publications from Danish universities. Read short introduction to registration of Open Access publications in Pure.

Publications logo PureIt is recommended that as much information as possible is added to the publication entries to further the presentation of research, as well as to meet the university’s standards regarding quality assurance and validation process. The quality of the publication entries are assured by the departments’ reporting officers, while the VBN Team validates the entries in preparation for the annual reporting.

As with other content types, it is possible to relate publications to other registration entries (activities, projects, press clippings etc.). Furthermore, they will be available in Pure’s CV-Module. It is also possible to import publications automatically.

Publications in VBN are displayed with both traditional and alternative publication metrics. Read more below.

Logos under Research Registration are used with permission from Elsevier.