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Facilities and equipment

It is possible to register different types of facilities, equipment and components in Pure. This is only done in cooperation between the organisation managing a facility/equipment and the VBN Team.

Facilities, equipment and components will be displayed in Pure with title and description (free text) in accordance with the selected type and attached images (optional). Additionally, contact options, web addresses and access to the facility/equipment are specified. Facilities/equipment consisting of multiple parts - i.e.contains several IDs - can be grouped in one registration. Related equipment is displayed together.

The facility/equipment is associated with at least one person or organization. It will be displayed hierarchically -e.g. equipment D, belongs to Laboratory C, part of Department B, under Faculty A. If affiliated with a particular project, it will be visible at both project page and facility/equipment entry. 


Contact the VBN Team if you need more information on registration of facilities and equipment in Pure.

Logos under Research Registration are used with permission from Elsevier.