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The VBN Team


The VBN Team supplies the different levels of management at the university with research analysis reports - faculty-, department-, section- and research group level. It may be simple summing up of the number of publications, or more detailed analyses of publication types and research areas. The reports are always based on publications registered in Pure. The reports include in depth bibliometric citation analyses based on the citation databases Web of Science and Scopus. The SciVal analysis tool is also in use. Read more about the analytical foundation of the reports.

We continuously assess which data, apart from Pure and the big citation databases, that should be included in the analyses. Current candidates are Google Scholar and Altmetric.

Types of reports

Department reports

At least twice a year, we issue bibliometric department reports with detailed analysis of the department’s publications. The first report is a citation report that is drawn up in June. The second report is a citation report that is drawn up in October.

Collaboration reports

Once a year in May, we issue a collaboration report that among other things shows the university’s and faculties’ collaboration with other universities and companies.

Annual report and poster

Once a year, in the month of december, a major report is written up that shows the status of research at Aalborg University and the dissemination of this research. The annual report provides a general view and can be expanded with more detailed information if required. The highlights of the report are collected and put on a poster that is issued annually in December. See present poster.

Ad hoc reports

In the course of the year a number of ad hoc reports are drawn up as needed and requested from departments, sections, research groups, etc., write the VBN Team, if you need a report or advice about report options.

Before  you request a report, we ask you to consider the following:

  • Which period of time do you want it to cover?
  • Which organizations should be included? Is the organization in question adequately covered in Pure? If not, which persons do you want to include in the report?
  • If you are requesting a publication report - which types of publications should be included?