The VBN Team


As Pure users, researchers at Aalborg University can present and communicate projects via the VBN Research Portal. This applies to all types of projects regardless of research area, funding, scope and number of affiliated persons. It is the individual department that decides whether there are to be departmental guidelines for project registration.

Projects logo PureYou can register projects under the type headings “Research”, “Consultancy” or “Other”. The projects are also included in Pure’s CV-module.

In cases where the project has its own homepage (e.g. an AAU project page), it is recommended that identical key information is registered in Pure, as it will increase the searchability of the content and be displayed in connection with related content.

If you are in doubt about how to handle interdisciplinary projects in Pure, please contact the VBN Team.

In order to ensure consistent high quality research dissemination, the VBN Team has made a guide on how to register projects in Pure/VBN.

How to register projects in Pure/VBN